Oh_Mona – 25 June

." Of course, if you don't really want it..." Yeah, okay. Tonight it is." Why don't you show me one of those houses with a big bed in it." Sure," he smiled, "I can arrange that. I know just the house." He quickly wrote the address on a slip of paper and gave it to her. "A couple are summering in Vermont and want to rent it furnished while they're gone." Shall we say about eight?" Eight it is... Viv."She gave him her come on smile once again."I promise to give you a night you won't forget." I'm. “Oh, what was that—the red thing?”She dug around and asked, “This?”I said, “No, there was something else, go back!”She dug around again and found the item, “This??”“Yeah!”“It’s a garter belt,” she answered.I said, “Oh, that is HOT,” and she pulled it out of the drawer before grabbing the thigh-high stockings that matched them.“Ok, now I need panties. Help me find panties.”She was digging through the drawer when I barely caught sight of the perfect pair. “There! The little red pair!”She. She gulped the remaining 3/4th glass in one sip.I said wow bottom sip. She laughed and said let me see if you also can finish it like me I also gulped it down in one sip and in the process my left hand slipped from her shoulder, touching her side boobs and rested on her waist She saw me in my eyes.. Not an angry looks not a desperate look but kind of being together look I kept staring said u have lovely eyes. She replied jungle billi hu kha jaungi.I said Don ko khana ya pakadna mushkil hi nahi. And I shaved myself all over when I took my bubble bath. Now I'm all smooth and bare down there. See!". She spread her legs running her hands up and down her thighs before pulling the leg band of her baby blue cheer panties aside.The thin lips of her now denuded little pussy slowly parted revealing the moist pink membranes inside. Her tiny clit throbbed in tune to the beating of her heart as she waited for a sign of my approval."Very pretty Pamela, but you're wet. Have you been playing with.
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