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I wasn’t allowed to close the bathroom door. I wasn’t even allowed to go to the loo without Anne’s permission. I had to address her as Mistress Summers or Ma’am at all times, unless in the company of strangers. I was not allowed to be outside the flat without her permission. I was not allowed my own money, only what she handed out to me, and to that extent she even required me to hand over my bank cards and pin numbers, together with the pin to my cellphone. This one made me doubt the whole. They must have been carted here on several different vans. Some were crying. I think a few were kidnapped rather than sold, like me. I was too paralyzed and nervous to cry. The black girl next to me looked horny and excited.We stood there for hours, afraid to budge. Eventually, the men came back. They both had dark hair. One was buff and tall, the other about average but skinny. They started to inspect us like property. One by one they went down the line, starting on my left. They held her by. Your Mistress and thar worm who calls himself my master arecoming!"Later, walking back to the cabin with Rod, I asked, "Mistress, when isthis awful slavery going to end?" I was still wearing my high heels andthe stiff leather corset and my neck was still arched back by the leathercollar. My arms had been freed from the single mitten, but at Clinton'sinsistence, Rod had put them into leather wrist cuffs that were securedto my corset front by cords a foot in length."Oh, I don't know, Julia," Rod. It was almost seven when he finally came home, strutting in the door. “Where’s Toby?” I demanded.“He had a date tonight and headed home.”I was so disappointed!“Hey, Gaylee, why are you all dressed up?” he queried.“Well, I told you this morning,” I replied with obvious disappointment in my voice, “I told you I wanted to put my best foot forward when I met Toby!”A small tear ran down my cheek as I went on, “Now, he’ll always think of me in that fucking old robe!”That was my first meeting with.
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