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Francine walked over to where I was sitting. She gave me a hug andkissed my cheek.After they cleared dinner and filled the dishwasher, we sat at the tableand had coffee."I think Francine has some questions to ask you about yourcrossdressing," Jena said. "I hope you don't mind. I told her you werepretty open with me about everything and you'd probably be the same withher." Sure," I smiled.Francine leaned forward with an inquisitive light in her eyes. "How didit feel to have someone's penis. He laughed and said I saw you masturbating to the horse. Both denied but couldn't. Mike (the brother) said to them as he walked out of the barn 'you two will be feeding tomorrow or else I will tell". Later that afternoon he girls were hanging around the pool and Mikes friends were out riding the ATVs. Mike opened the sliding door just enough he could hear them talking. He heard his sister say how she wishes he wouldn't have seen them and how embarrassed she is. Her friend said they better feed. Shaya Toa had a wine goblet lifted halfway to her lips and froze in her motion when she heard Athea’s question. She set the goblet down before she answered.“We thought Jenaya would be free of the need. Like our parents, Ayfessara Toa and Khorgun Siz. Her Sire is a god, so Jenaya’s derivation seemed closer to that of our parents than to ours, their offspring. Is our assumption wrong?” Shaya Toa asked.“Yes, very wrong, but Athea, Menja and my Sire made me a beautiful gift; a ring with a drop of. But you are only f******n years old and I understand you are confusion. I am confused myself. But what we did, what I did last night is wrong by any measure. If people knew, they would put me in jail for what I did with you!" Mum, no one will ever know what happens between you and me. That is something that I will never tell anyone. I promise you that." I could tell he was trying to alleviate my deepest fear, my fear that people would find out. He was right, I was afraid of being caught in.
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