.. she's not here..." a young voice muttered to itself as its ownerslipped into the room, switching the lights on.Link, or Young Link as he was sometimes known, grinned upon seeing thelarge, elaborate room. The huge, fluffy bed was perfectly made, the lightfrom the chandelier above completely showing the pale blue wallpaper andmultiple portraits on the wall. A vanity table sat against one wall,while a huge closet comprised the other. A glass door leading out to abalcony was visible on the other. My dad's older brother - the one I was named after - owned a jazz club in Norman. It was a nice bar cum restaurant of a decent size. He had a house band that was always changing and he brought in some of the better jazz groups over the years like Stan Getz, Charlie Byrd and the Brazilians Joao Gilberto and Antonio Carlos Jobim. My personal favorite was John Coltrane; he played with such incredible freedom.When we got together for family functions, they always seemed to degenerate into jam. Paper towels, and check the filters the day before the boat moves."Satisfied, Lenore started to make her way to the wheel, when she heard, to her great surprise, Novotny sing out, "Paper towels, and check filters dee-minus-one, Boats, aye aye!" Lenore thought she hid her stumble and surprise well. Dee minus one means 'deployment minus one day', I guess. Well, hell, I think I can keep him occupied taking notes all day long. Lenore was careful to not let anything show beyond her exterior mask,. ”“Freely?”“I offer my body to you freely. I offer my will to you freely,” Seraph heard himself say, half-mad with lust.Sara slowly lowered herself onto him, her eyes fixed on his the whole time. The force that had been pulling at his consciousness had him fully now, and he couldn’t shake its grip. He broke his gaze from her eyes long enough to watch the first few inches of himself disappear into Sara. The pleasure was immense, and for a moment he felt he would erupt.The woman’s voice in.
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