Your skin too, before I freaked you out.”“Oh,” she replied in surprise, holding up her arms, focusing on the one with the torn sleeve.Nothing happened.“Maybe try taking a deep breath and relaxing,” I suggested, deciding to get to my feet and pull up my shorts.She nodded, her huge chest puffing out as she sucked in a breath, slowly letting it out as she rolled her shoulders once, attempting to relax. Slowly, her skin started becoming a little more pale, as if her tan was fading away, her red. And I like it. I moaned loudly with thrusts that were getting deeper and deeper."I'm coming. You're mine, Jess." Peter said as he spanked my ass one last time. I heard him moan and pulled my hair toward him. He whispered, "I want to be the only man that does this to you." His hands traced the curves of my body. It tickled. "Yes, baby." I told him. With that, he released me. I was still half-naked when my phone rang. I reached for the phone that was just on the coffee table and saw Jason's name. I’ve only come around a couple years ago to the new lifestyle, and have enjoyed every bit of it. One pleasant surprise to our group is Katie, a local hairdresser that must have got sick of gossiping about us, and joined in the fun. The cute sandy-haired blonde with chipmunk cheeks and a nice round ass was about ten years younger than me, but seemed to follow my pattern of behavior by coming out of her shell later in life. She’s been divorced for a few years and currently has a boyfriend who. I knew she had a meeting in our town shortly after we arrived home...I parked my car and went to the garage to get hers out and ready for her. When I got into our house I could hear one of her dresser drawers close in her bedroom...she must have stashed her new purchases. "Thanks for driving me," she offered. Then she drew me close for a hug and kiss...she leaned against the kitchen counter and asked me to raise her skirt, "we haven't much time," she said in a hurry, let's have some fun." I.
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